March 2020

Nutrition Month


March is national nutrition month, sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nutrition is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. The majority of health issues today stem from food.  "We are what we eat.” It's true. Food is our medicine! Instead of thinking about what we shouldn't eat, we should think about we [...]

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February 2020

Clean Eating


Our bodies need fuel in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and good fats in order to perform properly. Much like a vehicle, the cleaner the fuel, the better our performance. Balancing clean eating with important nutrients is an essential part of a training program. Clean eating is simply enjoying real food. When you surround yourself [...]

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January 2020

Winning the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is one of the first obstacles of the year with your new lifestyle. Long gone are the days of gorging on chips and dip, pizza, hot wings, and copious amounts of booze. But you've changed your way of thinking so really this is a great chance to show everyone how your new [...]

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November 2019

Eat This, NOT That, Thanksgiving Edition


With America’s feasting holiday upon us, consider healthy alternatives to the main dishes that will fill your table this Thanksgiving.  Turkey Eat this: Skinless turkey breast – remove the skin to remove unwanted fat calories. White meat – eat white meat for an extra lean bonus.  2-3 portions max – our fist size is roughly [...]

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October 2019

FAT – It’s Not All Bad


Type the word “fat” into your search bar. Thousands of articles dedicated to the dreaded word will pop up. As a fitness, nutrition and medical world buzz word, "FAT" elicits a strong negative response. You need to lose fat! Stop eating so many fatty foods! To be on a truly healthy path of life, shouldn't [...]

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September 2019

When Size Matters


Restaurant portions in the U.S. are notoriously large. While it's nice to know you're getting your money's worth, consuming large portions can be the equivalent to eating all of your daily calories in one meal. One. We overindulge at home as well. Changing your lifestyle isn't about starving yourself and straddling the fence between satiation [...]

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August 2019

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss


Many people incorrectly use the terms fat loss and weight loss interchangeably. You can lose weight and still have a high body fat percentage: what we in the industry sometimes refer to as skinny-fat. You can also lose body fat while increasing the number on the scale. This can be due to increased muscle mass, [...]

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July 2019

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?


Summer is the time to soak in some rays and get a healthy dose of Vitamin D to store for the winter months ahead.  How do you get Vitamin D safely without risking a sunburn? What if you live in the city? Why is it important? What happens if you don't get enough?  How much [...]

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May 2019

Chicken Lettuce Boats


​I love recipes where the flavor and enjoyment outshine the health benefit. One bite of these Chicken Lettuce Boats and you’ll see what I mean. The crunch, the collision of flavors and the creamy enjoyment will push all thoughts of calories and fat grams out of your mind. But rest assured: this recipe is highly [...]

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The Art of the Salad


When people think about clean eating, most people's first thought is boring old salad.  Salad is anything but boring, and there's a whole month dedicated to salad and all of the versatility they behold. That's right: May is National Salad Month. The days are getting warmer, and we encourage you to enjoy something lighter. There [...]

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