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Danielle M.

“In a bathing suite at the pool (2 piece) comfortable and smiling. So is my hubby. Thanks Ryan!”

“Wore another pair of pants last night that I used to not be able to breathe in. They were kinda loose best feeling in the world!”

“Your just making everyone skinny and healthy. You should feel rewarded. Your doing a phenomenal job. Much appreciated!”

“We are upping our membership to 3 days per week come January.  So fun. I’m loving the groove I’m in. It’s so great to feel like your back in the game after three babies.”

“My clothes are loose, I feel great and I can’t keep my husband away from me. I feel my body changing and it’s sooooo great. Although Thanksgiving set me back, my goal of March doesn’t seem that hard. I love it! Thanks Ryan, you rock!”

Craig S.

This is so cool. I do my yearly physical each November and just received results back. While I stay pretty healthy year round, a few values were elevated the last 2 years…which was part of my decision to start with Ryan last March.

BP > Down from last year

BMI > Down from last year

Waist Size > Down from last year

Total/HDL Cholesterol > Down to 2.8 from 4.0

Blood Sugar > Down to 89 from 109

HDL > Up to 66 from 50

LDL > Down to 106 from 114

Triglycerides > Down to 74 from 172

While we spend time looking at muscle size, strength, endurance, and body fat in the gym, it’s nice to see the underlying improvement in body chemistry as well. Important to note that this is not via killing myself on a diet. Just smarter choices and options in combination with a rigorous (and fun) exercise schedule.


“Graduating from my Goldman Sachs small business program today and the dress I’m wearing is significantly roomier than when I wore it at Easter!!!!! #loveetownfitness”

Kathy F.

“Holy fancy designer gown size! Ryan, I seriously stared nervously at my dresses for this Thursday’s ALS Ball. I could have ordered a smaller size! Who knew I would need a size 2! The size 4 will just have to do. Thanks for being so awesome!”

Michelle H.

When I started at E-town, I had been out of a routine of working out since having kids and I had recently gotten some borderline poor cholesterol results, which really opened my eyes and caused me to call you. Well, I had my first annual physical this week after working at E-town and I’m happy to report that in less than a year my cholesterol has improved as follows:

Overall cholesterol down from 213 to 183.

HDL up from 67 to 74

LDL down from 130 to 90

I also have lost 2 lbs, which I know consists of gains in muscle mass. This is all on top of not changing diet much, so I know it’s from the workouts.

Corey M.

“When training with Ryan a single word comes to mind…FOCUS! Ryan’s focus on getting his clients results, meeting their unique needs, and helping them achieve their goals really shows. He makes himself available for his clients by being flexible with scheduling and being available to answer any questions that they might have. I have been working with Ryan for a little over a year now and would definitely suggest his services to anyone looking to get pushed, who wants a trainer who holds them accountable, and who is determined to get you to where you want to be. Put in the work with Ryan and the rest will take care of itself.”

Chad M.

“I really enjoy working out with Ryan! I have seen tremendous results in a very short period of time, including losing around 10 pounds. His workouts are incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. I look forward to and plan on continuing working out and training with Ryan in the years to come.”

Joe & Roseanne A.

“We are so lucky that we found Ryan as a trainer for our 13 year old son. In addition to being a wonderful coach, he is also a great role model and friend. He cares about his client’s success and works hard to make sure that success is achieved. We are thrilled about the great results we have seen to date and we are excited for what the future holds…thank you Ryan!”

Kathy R.

“I have worked with Ryan for quite some time, both in small group and private training sessions and have always been extremely pleased with the results. Ryan conducts himself in a very professional manner, is very likable, genuine and really knows his business. The workouts are never the same and Ryan knows when to increase the level of difficultly and when to maintain the status quo. I am definitely challenged and the time goes very quickly which for me is a plus! I am “a woman of a certain age” and am looking to stay fit and strong while at the same time controlling my weight and enjoying my life. Ryan makes it possible for me to do all of those things. I would recommend him and E-Town Fitness without reservation.”

Katie R.

“Ryan is a trainer/fitness coach who goes above and beyond for his clients. Since beginning training with Ryan I have no only achieved my initial goal of losing weight, but I have also started working towards new goals and fitness milestones that I initially didn’t think would be possible. The workouts Ryan designs are challenging and rewarding. I not only feel healthier but have also learned to enjoy pushing myself in each session due to Ryan’s dedication and enthusiasm.”

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