February 2020

Heart Health and Fitness


For over ten years, heart disease has been the leading cause of death in the world for both men and women. Eighty percent of the deaths caused by heart disease can be prevented. Heart disease occurs when blocked or narrowed blood vessels lead to a heart attack, chest pain, or stroke. It is related to [...]

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November 2019

Setting SMART Fitness Goals


How many times have you started a fitness program just to give up a week or two in because you weren’t achieving the results you wanted? Be honest. Most of us have done it. Living in an instant gratification society makes it tough to wait for things we want. But the truth is that with [...]

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September 2019

It’s all in the glutes!


Athletic success, injury prevention and more Most athletes have well-developed, powerful gluteal muscles. Sprinting, pushing, jumping, punching, most rotational movements, and most movements involving the lower body require strong and powerful gluteal muscles. The Purpose of the Glutes Gluteal muscles are responsible for: standing up. pushing through the ground as in a jump or sprint. [...]

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August 2019

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss


Many people incorrectly use the terms fat loss and weight loss interchangeably. You can lose weight and still have a high body fat percentage: what we in the industry sometimes refer to as skinny-fat. You can also lose body fat while increasing the number on the scale. This can be due to increased muscle mass, [...]

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Four Mistakes that Hurt Recovery


Being consistent with workouts is a critical factor in making progress. If you are consistent and thorough with workouts but don’t see progress, there may be another problem. It will not matter if these workouts are the perfect routine for strength, power, hypertrophy or endurance, there is still no guarantee you will recover from these [...]

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Optimal Training Load


The Importance of Customized Training Loads Many athletes, fitness enthusiasts, recreational weight lifters, and unfortunately some trainers believe that the training load necessary for people to reach their goals is similar despite training age, ability, or desires. The athletic population, to include tactical athletes such as military members, firefighters, and police, has distinct needs when [...]

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Importance of Muscles and Strength Training


While losing weight and keeping it off is a starting point, building muscle mass should also be a top priority on your fitness journey. More muscle allows for more calories burned and higher metabolism, the keys to reducing body fat.  Strength training is an integral part of a balanced exercise routine. It isn't just about [...]

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July 2019

Heart Rate, Heart GREAT!


When you exercise, you get your heart pumping. Have you ever reached that level where you feel like your heart's going to beat out of your chest? Can your heart beat too fast or too slow and if so what does that mean?  What's normal when it comes to your heart rate and why does [...]

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June 2019

Workout … at Work!


Are you one of the 86% of Americans that sit at a desk all day? Sitting all day is terrible for your overall health. The risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and muscular-skeletal disorders is increased, even if you work out regularly.  This is not a PSA to quit your office job, but rather [...]

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Fitness Gifts


Like all technology, since fitness trackers have come on the scene they've evolved to include a wide variety of new applications. Initially used primarily as a pedometer, they now can give you a real-time snapshot of your progress including net calories for the day, the distance you have run or walked, heart rate and quality [...]

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