February 2020

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos


Here’s a simple, delicious dinner that your whole family will love. Simply throw the chicken ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and come home to a healthy, flavorful meal. Double up on this recipe and use it for your weekly meal prep! Servings: 8 Ingredients 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs 3 bell [...]

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Fitness Lasagna


A great way to reduce the calories in your day is to eat healthier versions of your favorite dinners. This lasagna is the perfect example. The calories, carbs, and fats in this dish have been dramatically reduced with some creative ingredient swaps. Instead of regular lasagna noodles, this recipe calls for zucchini noodles. Cheese has [...]

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January 2020

Creamy Chicken Noodles


This creamy, comforting dish is 100 percent grain, gluten, and dairy-free, which you’ll find hard to believe when you dig into it. Remember to come up for air as you enjoy this tasty noodle dinner with zero guilt! The noodles used here are Banza Rotini made from Chickpeas. These have twice the protein, twice the [...]

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Winning the Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is one of the first obstacles of the year with your new lifestyle. Long gone are the days of gorging on chips and dip, pizza, hot wings, and copious amounts of booze. But you've changed your way of thinking so really this is a great chance to show everyone how your new [...]

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Fiesta Skillet


Families can't get enough of this seriously nutritious south-of-the-border skillet dinner. Replacing the cheese with fresh avocado and pico de gallo makes this dish healthier and lighter. This mildly spicy meal is very satisfying. Leftovers from this recipe are simply wonderful as a packed meal the next day. Chop one of the leftover chicken breasts [...]

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December 2019

Pass the Teriyaki Meatballs!


If you love teriyaki, these subtly sweet meatballs are right up your alley! They make a wonderful appetizer for your holiday party. Use liquid stevia rather than the honey if you are looking for an extremely low sugar dish. However, for most of us, this small amount of healthful, raw honey is actually beneficial. Serve [...]

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November 2019

Beef Supper Skillet


This Beef Skillet Supper is a very fitness-friendly meal with tons of protein and wholesome, nutritious ingredients to power you through your day and fuel your results. It’s perfect for making when you don’t have a ton of time but still want a dish full of flavor. This recipe calls for sweet potato rice: sweet [...]

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September 2019

Chicken & Veggie Casserole


This easy-to-make casserole is packed with the protein and veggies needed to fuel your fitness results. Feel free to modify the veggies used in this recipe. Add in whatever veggies you have on hand and enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Servings: 6 Ingredients 1 cup broccoli, diced 1 cup mushrooms, chopped 1 yellow squash, [...]

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When Size Matters


Restaurant portions in the U.S. are notoriously large. While it's nice to know you're getting your money's worth, consuming large portions can be the equivalent to eating all of your daily calories in one meal. One. We overindulge at home as well. Changing your lifestyle isn't about starving yourself and straddling the fence between satiation [...]

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August 2019

Slow Cooker Turkey Spaghetti over Zucchini Noodles


Making noodles out of fresh zucchini dramatically cuts down on the carbs and calories in your dinner while increasing the fiber content. Imagine the impact this simple food trick could have on your fitness results! Always chose zucchini noodles over traditional noodles. Servings: 6 Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 6 cloves garlic, minced 1 yellow [...]

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